Editorial Policy

Daily Email News is dedicated to transparent news reporting, curation, and analysis. We strive to give our readers news coverage that is reliable, balanced, and of course accurate. The guiding principles found in our editorial policy are designed to showcase our commitment to transparency and integrity.

Unbiased Reporting

It is incredibly important that the news we publish is free of both prejudice and editorial bias. Our writers have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to avoiding favoritism and presenting objective facts. We know how important it is for you to receive a fair and balanced perspective when it comes to the information you receive on the issues that are most important. We want you to trust the information you get from us.

Focused Fact-Checking

Accuracy is critical, of course. We do not publish any story that has not been rigorously fact-checked and verified via a number of sources and processes. Our team recognizes the importance of using credible sources to ensure the information we present is well substantiated.

A Variety of Perspectives

Healthy and informed discourse is critical to accurate, unbiased news. Our team members may have a set of personal beliefs, but we are careful to ensure our news covers a wide variety of view points. Without a variety of views and opinions, there is no way to move the world forward with constructive dialogue.

Our Team

Enhanced Ethical Standards

Daily Email News adheres to a very strict policy for ethical standards. We will always operate independently of our advertisers and any potential external influences. Our team takes responsibility for errors and will make transparent corrections in a timely manner. Finally, we respect the privacy of our sources and will never do anything unethical in order to find information. We are committed to providing our readers with news they can trust. Our team knows we will accept nothing less than transparent, accurate, and fair reporting. We invite you to reply to any email you receive with your feedback or comments. We value your trust and your time.