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Daily Email News helps hard working Americans with traditional values keep updated and informed about the latest news across the country and around the world. In particular, you’ll find news and other information concerning America’s position as a global leader and legislation surrounding personal freedoms of American citizens.

Our Purpose and Mission

Our purpose at Daily Email News is to ensure patriotic Americans stay informed about news concerning their personal freedoms. Related in a manner respectful of law enforcement officers and other hometown heroes, the small but mighty team here at Daily Email News aims to keep you informed about the latest legislation in Congress as well as foreign policy news from abroad.

What Daily Email News Does

At Daily Email News, you’ll find content pertaining to the personal freedom of Americans. If news can affect your right to bear arms, the right to life, or the right to free speech, we’re interested in making sure you see it. We’re also invested in news about keeping the government small and minimizing overspending on social policies.

Local Insight from National News

National News provides our readers with insight and news from around the country. Here, you’ll find news about legislation threatening to curtail second amendment rights, right to life, and the right to free speech. When it comes to National News, we’re concerned with anything that threatens your traditional American values — and we’re here to empower you with information.

Broad Understanding from Global Pulse

The world sees America in a particular way, and Global Pulse helps you remain aware of our position in the world. From global military superiority to diplomatic talks, Global Pulse provides information on conflicts, peace talks, tensions and more between a myriad of nations. Stay aware of what our politicians and diplomats are doing abroad, how much aid they are giving away, and more.

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