VIDEO: NCAA Record Smashed

( – In a defining moment for women’s college basketball, Iowa’s very own Caitlin Clark has firmly established her place in history as the NCAA women’s all-time leading scorer during a game against Michigan.

Only eight points away from eclipsing the previous record, Clark effortlessly achieved this within the opening moments. She showcased her exceptional talent with a long-range shot that was nothing short of spectacular to surpass Kelsey Plum’s impressive tally of 3,527 points.

Watch the video below.

This historic moment happened when Clark’s initial eight points also marked the first for Iowa in the game. True to her wishes, the game continued uninterrupted after her record-breaking shot despite the crowd’s overwhelming response.

However Iowa soon called a timeout upon regaining possession to take a moment to celebrate Clark’s monumental achievement amid the cheers.

Clark’s performance did not just stop at breaking records: she dazzled with 23 points in the first quarter alone and demonstrated her prowess by sinking eight out of ten shots, including five three-pointers.

Now Clark has set her sights on an even grander milestone: the all-time NCAA points record across both men’s and women’s basketball as she trails just behind Antoine Davis and “Pistol” Pete Maravich. With the regular-season finale against Ohio State on the horizon it seems certain that Clark will surpass Maravich’s record.

The anticipation around Clark’s record-breaking game was palpable, with ticket prices soaring to an average of $394 on TickPick, which underscores the massive interest in witnessing Clark making history.

Beyond the numbers Clark’s influence on the sport was deeply felt during last year’s March Madness, particularly when Iowa ended South Carolina’s 42-game winning streak in front of a historic viewership of 9.9 million for the game against LSU.

The Des Moines Register reported that demand to see Clark in action has been so high that Iowa paused its season ticket sales for the 2023-24 season, which is a testament to her impact and drawing power.

Despite a brief lull in her scoring spree during one game where she remained scoreless in the fourth quarter after netting 31 points, Clark’s journey to breaking the women’s record was proof of her skill, determination and lasting legacy in college basketball.