VIDEO: Biden Led Offstage ‘Like a Child’

( – Highlighting his advanced age and seemingly poor cognitive health, social media users on X, previously known as Twitter, humorously reacted to a video of Jill Biden guiding Joe Biden offstage following his speech commemorating the anniversary of January 6.

Watch the video below.

This clip sparked a wave of comments suggesting that Jill’s intervention was necessary to prevent Joe from any potential on-stage blunders or disorientation.

Shared by RNC Research’s X account, the video captured the moment at the end of Joe’s speech in Pennsylvania, where he denounced former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

In the footage, Jill swiftly approaches Joe as he concludes his remarks, takes his hand, and leads him through the backdrop of American flags.

Commentary on this scene ranged from amused to critical. RNC Research’s Jake Schneider said, “She’s walking him off the stage like a child,” while’s Karen Townsend remarked, “Someone had to do it.”

The official account mockingly expressed a sense of relief that Joe was taken off the stage, and The Daily Mail US described Joe as appearing “zoned-out” and entering a “trance-like state” on stage.

Journalist Simon Ateba further highlighted this new dynamic in a tweet, stating, “BREAKING – NEW ARRANGEMENT: First Lady @DrBiden now escorts President @JoeBiden off the stage after his remarks in PA. President Biden has been struggling to find his way off the stage during previous remarks. The problem has now been solved. WATCH.”

Further fueling these observations, RNC Research shared another clip showing Joe seemingly confused for a few moments after disembarking from his helicopter in Delaware, where he was set to spend the weekend. The caption read: “After two weeks of vacation and a 32-minute speech, Biden is back in Delaware for a weekend respite. He was VERY confused upon landing.”

These incidents and reactions underscore Americans’ concern over Joe Biden’s age hindering the country’s might across the globe. Citizen apprehension is further corroborated in major surveys that show Biden trailing Trump in several key battleground states.