TRUTH: Young People ‘Miserable’ Under Biden

( – Suggesting a huge blow for Democrats in the upcoming 2024 election, CNN commentator Van Jones revealed young people are “miserable” under Joe Biden’s administration.

Jones discussed how Biden’s popularity has taken a hit among young voters due to economic difficulties, fears about artificial intelligence in the workforce and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

He highlighted these issues during a conversation with CNN’s John Berman and emphasized that the deep discontent among the youth “should be a wake-up call” for the left.

“Young people are upset, and it’s not just the situation in Gaza,“ he said. “The economic prospects for young people are miserable, and that’s been building under Obama, it’s been building under Trump, it’s building under Biden.”

“We just do not have a pathway for young people to be able to pay off their student debt, get a house. People are looking at this AI wave and are worried about what job, what career path—and so that pain has to be spoken to directly and specifically,” Jones expressed.

He added, “And I think that we’re not yet hearing a full-throated approach to the young people. There’s a symbolic piece about the student loans, that’s not gonna be enough for Joe Biden.”

This is reflected in polling data from The New York Times/Sienna Collegе.

Surveys show Biden and former President Donald Trump running neck and neck among voters aged 18 to 29, a group that heavily favored Biden in the 2020 election.

Moreover, Trump appears to be gaining ground in critical battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada.

Jones’s comments come in the middle of escalating campus protests against Israel, like the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in 1968 that played a role in the political shift toward Republican Richard Nixon.

Furthermore, Biden seems to be losing support among crucial demographic groups that traditionally vote Democratic, including black and Hispanic voters.

A GenForward survey from the University of Chicago reveals a significant drop in Biden’s approval ratings among these groups compared to the 2020 election levels.

These findings’ implications are significant, as they suggest a rocky path for Biden’s reelection bid.

With young voters showing signs of disappointment with the current political and economic landscape, the 2024 election could see a major shift toward Republicans.

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