TRUTH: Biden’s Deterioration Accelerating

Joe Biden

( – After his underwhelming and distressing debate performance last week, people close to Joe Biden are reportedly concerned about his accelerated cognitive decline.

Sources revealed that Biden is increasingly seeming confused and losing his train of thought more frequently, which is becoming more noticeable and alarming.

According to a recent report, Biden’s allegedly exhausting trips to Europe before the debate required him to rest extensively.

It seems Biden took afternoon naps every day during his debate preparation week and he never started his briefings before 11 a.m.

The report also mentioned several incidents during his Europe trip that became widely discussed on social media, including awkward moments at the D-Day anniversary in France and at the G7 Summit in Italy.

The White House has declined requests to let White House physician Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor publicly discuss Biden’s health.

The administration has also denied the need for a re-evaluation for Parkinson’s disease and refuted claims that Biden had taken any medication typically prescribed for dementia, such as Levodopa.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley commented on Biden’s noticeable slowdown over the past two years and noted the administration’s efforts to control his public image carefully.

Biden has participated in fewer interviews and held fewer press conferences than any other president in recent decades.

During Biden’s trip to Europe, a senior European official remarked how everyone was “shocked” by Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, noting he often seemed “out of it.”

European leaders reportedly took measures not to embarrass him, such as moderating their pace when walking with him or ensuring he did not stray away.

The Financial Times echoed these concerns, reporting that European officials were deeply worried about Biden’s capability to continue his presidential campaign.

Amid these observations, Biden’s inner circle seems to be consolidating control and protecting him more from public scrutiny to prevent any further errors.

This tightening of ranks comes as more voices suggest that Democrats should consider replacing Biden as their nominee.

Additionally, NBC News reported that Hunter Biden, who is dealing with legal issues himself, was now attending official White House meetings, surprising many within the administration.

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