Trump’s Pick Wins

( – Marking a huge win for true America-first patriots, retired U.S. Army captain and Purple Heart recipient Sam Brown decisively won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

The Associated Press confirmed Brown’s win shortly after the polls closed. His victory gained momentum after former President Donald Trump’s last-minute endorsement at a rally in Las Vegas.

Already favored to win, Trump’s support and a strategic nudge from Senator Steve Daines before the primary likely widened Brown’s lead against competitors like Trump’s former ambassador to Iceland Dr. Jeff Gunter and former state assemblyman Jim Marchant.

This victory marks another significant win for Daines, the Senate GOP campaign chief who had endorsed Brown early in the race against Democrat Jacky Rosen this coming November.

Challenging Rosen will not be easy in Nevada, a state dominated by transient hospitality workers and which has not seen a Republican Senate victory since 2012.

Brown plans to focus his campaign against Rosen on key issues like immigration, inflation and public safety.

He will also highlight his military background and link Rosen to Joe Biden, who is facing his own mounting challenges in the state polls as he is trailing behind Trump.

Brown has also positioned himself carefully on the issue of abortion. He identifies as “personally pro-life” but opposes a national ban and supports Nevada’s current laws that allow the procedure up to 24 weeks.

This stance comes from a deeply personal place: his future wife Amy underwent an abortion at five and a half weeks, which she later regretted.

The couple’s experience was shared in a poignant NBC News interview, where Amy recounted returning to her job at a medical center shortly after the procedure.

She revealed it was there where she would eventually meet Brown, who was recovering from severe injuries sustained from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

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