Trump’s Age Newsworthy Today

( – The former president’s age is currently front-and-center in the national landscapе, as Donald Trump turns 78 today.

Both he and 81-year-old Joe Biden are setting records as the oldest major-party candidates еver to run for U.S. president.

The agе and cognitive sharpness of both candidates have dominated the discourse this election cycle, overshadowing policy discussions as the November 5 election approaches.

Polls indicatе that voters are particularly concerned about Biden’s age, as he holds the title of the oldest president in history.

However, Trump, who is only three and a half years younger, would also set a record as the oldest inaugurated president if he wins another term.

Trump plans to celebrate his birthday at an event in West Palm Beach, Florida, organized by steadfast supporters.

While he has not directly attacked Biden over his age, Trump has highlighted Biden’s verbal slips and physical pace to question his fitness for office.

Biden has countered concerns about his age by pointing to his achievements in office as proof of his capability and vigor.

Despite this, some Democrats remain uneasy about Biden’s potential to serve another term, which would extend until he is 86.

A February Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that 78% of Americans, including 71% of Democrats, believe Biden is too old for government service. About 53% felt the same about Trump, who served as president from 2017 to 2021.

“It’s not about age, it’s about mental competence,” commented Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, who stated Trump remains “sharp as a tack with elite stamina.”

Presidential historian Timothy Naftali claimed that while Trump exudes energy in public, it does not necessarily correlate with mental acuity. “It’s not clear listening to the two men who’s in better command of his faculties,” he said.

History professor Allan Lichtman noted that Trump’s own gaffes could raise concerns about his cognitive health.

As the candidates are close in national polls and Trump leads in key battleground states, the upcoming first televised debate on June 27 will be crucial.

Observers will be watching for any slips that could suggest a lack of competence for presidential duties.

Voter concerns extend beyond age to issues like the economy, immigration and abortion rights.

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