Trump Threatened?!

( – Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has formally demanded that the judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s ongoing trial impose jail time or declare Trump in contempt if he breaches a First Amendment-violating gag order.

Judge Juan Merchan, who is responsible for the trial concerning Trump’s alleged hush money payments, had initially set the gag order on March 26 and extended its terms on April 1.

In a recent court submission, Bragg pressed Merchan to warn Trump about possibly facing up to 30 days behind bars for any future gag order infractions.

“This Court should again admonish defendant to comply with his obligations under the order,” Bragg’s document advised.

It continued, “And finally, this Court should warn defendant that future violations of the Court’s restrictions on his extrajudicial statements can be punished not only with additional fines, but also with a term of incarceration of up to thirty days.”

The document claims that Trump must comply with the gag order to uphold the trial’s integrity, suggesting criminal contempt charges, sanctions and severe warnings as essential measures to ensure the former President follows it.

Trump’s gag order specifically restricts him from commenting on witnesses, prosecutors (excluding the district attorney), court personnel, their families and potential jurors.

The legal actions against Trump stem from an alleged $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels supposedly intended to silence her regarding an alleged affair.

Also, Bragg claims that Trump has already breached the revised gag order and urged Judge Merchan to find Trump in contempt of court.

“This Court should now hold defendant in criminal contempt for willfully disobeying a lawful mandate,” the filing asserts. “Defendant is not above the law, and he cannot simply disregard judicial orders that upset him.”

A recent poll by AP/NORC disclosed that opinions on Trump’s alleged actions vary, with 31% of Americans considering them unethical but not illegal, 14% believing he did nothing wrong and 19% feeling they need more information to form an opinion.

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