Trump Judge Wants Details

( – Following the continuing accusations to former President Donald Trump regarding his alleged fraud and conspiring to alter his net worth for tax and insurance benefits, New York judge Arthur Engoron has mandated that Trump inform the court of any efforts to secure a bond before the deadline date.

Judge Arthur Engoron issued the order in Manhattan Supreme Court, which urged the Trump Organization to provide details to the court-appointed monitor, former federal Judge Barbara Jones, regarding attempts to secure surety bonds and any personal guarantees made by Trump or other defendants.

The timing of Engoron’s ruling, just days before the deadline remains unclear.

However, it overlapped with efforts by Trump’s legal team to seek relief from covering the fine pending his appeal, which argued potential “irreparable harm” if he is compelled to pay before the appeal is resolved.

Trump’s lawyers have also asserted that obtaining a bond for the full amount is “practically impossible” and they wrote more than 30 surety companies will not accept real estate as collateral.

Trump vented his frustration on social media and denounced Engoron’s ruling as putting him in an “impossible” position. He faces losing assets or paying hundreds of millions of dollars before his appeal.

New York Attorney General Letitia James officially notified Trump that she had initiated the process for asset seizures of the civil judgment in Westchester County where he owns the property.

Engoron’s order further requires Trump to disclose any transfers that exceed $5 million to individual defendants and prohibits attempts to evade the terms of the Monitorship Order through asset transfers or corporate restructuring.

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