Tim Tebow Rescues 59 Children

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Showcasing the meaning of a true patriotic Christian seeking to make a positive change in the world, football icon Tim Tebow has joined forces with a non-profit to rescue 59 children with disabilities from the turmoil of Haiti.

Seeing the chaos rising in the Caribbean nation where gang violence is rampant, Tebow and his foundation, alongside The Sentinel Foundation, carried out the daring feat of rescuing the endangered children.

Tebow took to social media to express his gratitude towards the “amazing frontline heroes” involved in this mission. The collaboration also included the Mission of Hope, HaitiOne and the Dominican Republic’s Anti-Trafficking Bureau, among others.

In a heartfelt social media post, Tebow reflected on the unity and collective effort that made the rescue possible, highlighted the critical situation these children were in and celebrated their move to safety.

He specifically acknowledged The Sentinel Foundation, Adam LaRoche of the E3 Ranch Foundation, Cory Mills and several other organizations that played key roles in the operation.

Republican Florida Representative Cory Mills, who previously organized two Haitian rescues, chipped in with his expertise to the mission and said he was committed to supporting such humanitarian efforts.

Tebow’s foundation sought assistance from The Sentinel Foundation after recognizing the urgent need to safeguard these vulnerable children. The rescuers carried out different strategies, such as navigating land, sea and air routes despite facing obstacles like the Dominican Republic’s access restrictions.

A member of The Sentinel said the operation was challenging given the lack of rehearsals and highlighted the team’s extensive training and adaptability.

This rescue targeted the “most high-risk children” amid the dire circumstances of approximately 30,000 children left vulnerable in Haiti, many of whom lack leadership and special care since many caregivers have departed the country.

The backdrop of this rescue includes recent violent incidents in Haiti, notably an armed attack on the main prison in Port-au-Prince, which claimed several lives and intensified the country’s security crisis.

Amid this chaos the Haitian Prime Minister resigned, which prompted the U.S. to dispatch anti-terrorism forces and initiate evacuations of American citizens, although the exact number of those still in Haiti remains uncertain.

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