They Want WHO for President?

( – Amid mounting pressure for Joe Biden to exit the 2024 presidential race after a lackluster debate performance, sources say Kamala Harris is increasingly viewed as the top alternative should Biden decide to step down.

Recently, Biden emphatically dismissed rumors of withdrawing, stating, “No one is pushing me out … I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”

This declaration followed a report by the New York Times indicating Biden had acknowledged to close allies the weakness of his campaign.

While the White House has consistently refuted claims of Biden reconsidering his campaign, speculation about potential successors has intensified, with Harris frequently mentioned as the lead choice.

According to insiders from the Biden campaign, the White House and the Democratic National Committee, Harris is seen as the primary substitute.

Harris, a former California senator, has remained a firm supporter of Biden through the recent turmoil, reassuring campaign staff, “We will not back down. We will follow our president’s lead.”

Media and political analysts have noted that polls after the debate suggest Harris might fare better against former President Donald Trump than Biden.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that a significant portion of Democrats believe Biden should withdraw, with Harris enjoying high favorability.

Although Michelle Obama leads Trump in hypothetical matchups, she has confirmed she will not run, which puts Harris in a competitive position against Trump.

Further support for Harris was reflected in a CNN poll, which placed her closely behind Trump in a hypothetical matchup, showing her strong appeal among women and independent voters.

Two Democratic congressmen have now publicly called for Biden’s resignation, while other party figures have discreetly indicated their support for Harris as a potential successor.

House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries and senior Democrat James Clyburn have both expressed support for Harris taking over the presidential nomination.

Pennsylvania Representative Summer Lee also said that Harris was the “obvious choice” should Biden opt out.

While some advocates believe Harris could better connect with Black and Latino voters and serve as a more effective spokesperson for abortion rights, others remain skeptical since she remains the most unpopular vice president in history.

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