(DailyEmailNews.com) – The international shipping community has been rocked by a violent incident when Iran-backed Islamic terrorists attacked and sank a major vessel in the Red Sea.

The M/V Tutor—a Liberian-flagged, Greek-owned and operated bulk cargo carrier—was struck by an uncrewed surface vessel (USV) and missiles, which killed a civilian crew member and caused the ship to sink.

In response, numerous shipping and maritime associations have urgently demanded action.

They issued a joint statement over the horrific attacks and called for immediate measures to protect seafarers.

The statement read:

“The shipping community is appalled and deeply saddened with the tragic news that, yet another seafarer seems certain to have been killed in a drone boat strike on Wednesday 12 June while on board the MV Tutor in the Red Sea. We utterly condemn these assaults which directly contravene the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation.”

The associations also extended their condolences to the family of the killed seafarer and revealed the attack was the second fatal encounter ship crews have had in the region.

“This is an unacceptable situation, and these attacks must stop now. We call for States with influence in the region to safeguard our innocent seafarers and for the swift de-escalation of the situation in the Red Sea,” the statement added.

Since June 25 marks the Day of The Seafarer, the associations are calling for international recognition of the hard work seafarers make toward the global economy.

Signatories to this call for action included prominent international maritime organizations, such as the Asian Shipowners’ Associations and the International Chamber of Shipping.

Footage released shortly after the incident captured the USV striking the Tutor at the stern, followed by secondary impacts on the vessel’s side and another at the rear, which illustrates the assault’s severity.

This recent attack on the M/V Tutor follows a similar assault on the M/V Verbena just the day before, where the ship suffered damage from two anti-ship cruise missiles.

This series of aggressive actions has reignited discussions about the need for more decisive measures against the Houthis amid criticisms regarding the current U.S. administration’s weak response to such terrorist acts.

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