Term Limits for This?!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – After 17 years, several leading Senate Republicans are demanding term limits for their next leader as 82-year-old Mitch McConnell prepares to retire from his role in November.

In the wake of McConnell’s announcement, Texas Senator John Cornyn, South Dakota Senator John Thune and Florida Senator Rick Scott have thrown their hats into the ring for the GOP Senate Leader position.

Among these candidates, Cornyn, Scott and several other prominent Republican senators have said they support establishing term limits for the leadership position.

Although Thune has not explicitly revealed his stance, he directs any inquiries to a Politico article which notes he is “open to discussing term limits on the next Republican leader.”

Cornyn has publicly declared, “One reason I am running to be the next Republican Leader is because I believe the Senate needs more engagement from all of my colleagues, and that includes the opportunity for any Member to serve in Leadership.”

He concluded, “I will support a conference vote to change the rules and institute term limits for the Republican Leader.”

Scott has criticized the current political system in Washington for being riddled with “backroom deals” and complacency.

“Republicans all across America support term limits because it’s common sense and desperately needed,” he stated. “We have a broken system and we need a dramatic sea change and someone with a turn-around background to fix it.”

He added, “I’ve spent my life shaking things up. We need that in Washington right now and it’s why I’m running to be Republican leader.”

In turn, Utah Senator Mike Lee said he was interested in hearing about other candidates’ positions on term limits, noting, “So far, Rick Scott and John Cornyn have pledged to abide by term limits if elected GOP leader. Can other contenders match that offer, or promise other reforms to the Senate? I look forward to hearing from them.”

McConnell, who has been in the Senate since 1984, holds the record as the longest-serving party leader in the Senate.

Despite being the least favored political leader in the U.S. according to Real Clear Politics, McConnell has maintained a strong leadership position within the GOP since he first became leader in 2007.

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