Ted Cruz Wants WHAT at Airports?!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In a new move that puts him further away from the hard-working citizens who voted him into office, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is trying to pass a new rule to avoid being seen at airports.

Cruz wants politicians, federal judges and certain government officials to receive VIP treatment with fast security checks and special escorts at airports so they do not get caught on camera and become the butt of jokes or negative news.

The senator’s idea is part of a bigger plan to change aviation laws that are supposedly crucial to protect public figures from serious threats. In fact Cruz’s plan would make it harder to track politicians’ travels.

Cruz is no stranger to controversy. He faced a lot of heat for abandoning Texas and going to Cancun during a severe cold snap that cut power for millions of Texas residents. He tried to make up for it by helping out when he got back but some people thought he should have resigned instead. He later admitted that the trip was a mistake.

Cruz is far from being the first politician to wish his travel plans stayed under wraps. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was caught lying back in 2009 about hiking the Appalachian Trail when he was actually in Argentina having an affair.

However not everyone thinks the plan is a good idea. The head of a group that represents airport police believes this task would stretch their resources too thin by pulling officers away from their main job of keeping airports safe. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would then have to organize these escorts.

Even though the TSA would be in charge of arranging these escorts the plan allows them to ask local police to do it, which could mean extra costs for local law enforcement.

The senator’s proposal comes at a time when the Capitol Police has seen a rise in threats and have to protect many lawmakers especially during election years. In turn airport authorities and trade groups are keeping an eye on the proposal since airports are already dealing with budget cuts and may not have the resources to carry out the plan as intended.