Star Trek Actor Banned

( – Revealing that Hollywood star status does not equate to having good manners, Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto got himself banned from an establishment due to his poor behavior.

Recently, Toronto restaurant Manita took to Instagram to put Quinto on blast for his “terrible” conduct as a customer and announced that he was no longer welcome to dine with them.

Manita did not mince words in their post and described Quinto as “an amazing Spock, but a terrible customer.”

The restaurant claimed that he behaved like an “entitled child,” shouting at staff when he failed to reply to texts telling “him his table was ready” and refusing to believe “the empty tables in the dining room weren’t available for him.”

The restaurant did not stop there and continued to air their grievances against the star. It revealed that Quinto made the host cry and that his behavior made the other “brunch diners uncomfortable.”

Manita made it clear that they would not tolerate a repeat of this behavior, telling Quinto to take his “bad vibes somewhere else.”

They noted that they have had many lovely celebrities join them at Manita but that Quinto was not one of them.

This was not the first time that Manita staff had posted about their interactions with Quinto on Instagram.

They had previously shared details on their Instagram Story but this time they added a caption that dug further into the interaction.

The restaurant expressed gratitude for their “mostly incredible, friendly, gracious guests … who may give us constructive feedback from time to time.”

However, they had a sharp message for “all the other Zachary Quintos out there, on behalf of restaurant workers everywhere: We aren’t above criticism, but we are above being demeaned.”

As of yet, Quinto has not issued a public response to the allegations.

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