Schwarzenegger Admits He Regrets Doing This!

( – Revealing one of the worst regrets he ever had in his life, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he once made a poor choice that could have taken his acting career in a hugely different direction.

During his visit to the “New Heights” podcast hosted by the Kelce brothers, Schwarzenegger disclosed that he passed on the opportunity to star in “The Rock.”

In the conversation with Jason Kelce, the retired NFL player inquired about any roles Schwarzenegger wished he had not declined.

Schwarzenegger then cited “The Rock,” a film that became iconic with Sean Connery leading the cast.

Although the script was initially given to him, it was only 80 pages long “instead of 120 which normally scripts are,” with several notes and alterations yet to be worked out.

Schwarzenegger’s response was: “And they tried to explain it to me, ‘Oh, this is what we are going to write.’ So, I said, ‘Look guys why don’t you just come back when it’s finished?’ I said, ‘This is half-baked. I’m not going to make a commitment.’”

At the time, Schwarzenegger was busy with three other film projects that got his hands full for the next year and a half, which caused him to pass on “The Rock.”

Ultimately, Nicolas Cage took over the role Schwarzenegger had been offered and delivered a performance that Schwarzenegger himself said was “fantastic.”

“Nicolas Cage did a fantastic job. Sean Connery was great. The directing was great. The writing, everything was really a straight 10,” he added.

“So, I really enjoyed the movie,” he stated. “But that was one movie … I wish I would’ve taken.”

Schwarzenegger, who became a powerhouse name with blockbuster hits like “Terminator” and “Predator,” gave some advice to the Kelce brothers. He suggested they pursue roles with thoroughly developed scripts if they ever went into acting.

He joked about the brothers’ presence in Hollywood, saying, “There’s all kinds of interviews being scheduled for movie parts. You guys have it lined up, you just don’t want to give it away right now …”

Schwarzenegger then praised the brothers’ talent, articulation, energy and appealing character, which would work in a potential shift toward the cinematic world.

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