Schools Now Required To Teach What?!

( – In a baffling attempt that would take importance away from America by making it a secondary topic, Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers enacted a law mandating the inclusion of mandatory foreign culture history.

Specifically, the bill would force K-12 schools to add Asian American and Hmong American history in their education curriculum, according to a memo from his office.

This Evers-supported legislation adds to existing educational requirements that already mandate the teaching of American Indians, Black Americans and Hispanics histories.

The Democrat’s goal is to allegedly broaden students’ perspectives on America’s diverse cultural heritage.

In his statement, Evers highlighted the significant role of the Hmong and Asian American communities in the fabric of Wisconsin’s history, culture and economy.

He also emphasized it was important to acknowledge and celebrate the stories of all groups that contribute to the state’s identity.

Evers stated:

“I’ve been proud to sign several key pieces of bipartisan legislation into law to recognize the contributions Hmong and Asian American folks have made to our state and our country, and this bill builds upon those efforts, ensuring the histories and stories of Hmong and Asian American communities are part of state curriculum for future generations.”

In turn, the memo read:

“Members of Wisconsin’s Hmong and Asian American communities have greatly contributed to the state’s rich history, culture, economy, and tradition of public service, and Act 266 works to ensure the stories and significant histories of these communities are preserved and taught for generations to come.”

The governor also discussed a recent decision to veto a bill that prevented transgender students from participating in sports aligning with their gender identity. He labeled the proposed legislation as “hateful and discriminatory.”

Evers explained, “I am vetoing this bill in its entirety because I object to codifying discrimination into state statute.”

“I believe this bill fails to comport with our Wisconsin values. We expect our kids to treat each other with kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion, and we should be able to expect adults to lead by example,” Evers said.

He concluded, saying, “I urge the Republican majority to do so while fully considering the harmful consequences its efforts and actions have on our kids prior to introducing similar legislation in the future.”

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