Rock Star’s Sad Announcement

( – In a sad announcement, renowned rock band Heart’s lead vocalist Ann Wilson recently shared a pеrsonal health update with her fans.

Through an Instagram post, she disclosed that she was diagnosed with cancer and had undergonе surgery to remove a cancerous growth.

Following her doctor’s recommendation, Wilson announced she would begin preventative chemotherapy.

“I’m feeling great but my doctors are now advising me to undergo a course of preventative chemotherapy & I’ve decided to do it,” Wilson wrote in her post.

“And so my doctors are instructing me to take the rest of the year away from the stage in order to fully recover,” she added.

This medical decision caused the band to postpone their Royal Flush Tour in North America, now rescheduled for 2025.

Wilson said she was disappointed about the delay but reassured ticket holders that their purchases would be honored on the new dates.

“To the ticket buyers, I really do wish we could do these gigs,” Wilson stated. “Please know that I absolutely plan to be back on stage in 2025. My team is getting those details sorted & we’ll let you know the plan as soon as we can.”

Wilson thanked her supporters and promised a return to the stage, emphasizing, “This is merely a pause. I’ve much more to sing,” and concluded, “Love, Ann Wilson. Respectfully, this is the last public statement I’d like to make on the matter.”

The tour was initially set to include over 50 shows across several U.S. and Canadian cities, featuring performances alongside other rock legends such as Def Leppard and Journey.

However, it has not been confirmed if these bands will be part of the rescheduled dates. Earlier in the year, Heart also canceled the European sеgment of their tour due to Wilson’s need for a time-sensitive medical procedure.

Both Ann Wilson and her sister Nancy Wilson have been a dominant force in rock music since the 1970s.

The duo has delivered classics like “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You” and “Alone.” In 2023, the Wilson sisters were honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Recording Academy, cementing their legacy as Rock & Roll Hall of Famers.

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