RECALL: Cardiac Arrest Danger

( – Due to defects that could potentially lead to cardiac arrest, officials have announced a recall of 135 batches of potassium chloride extended-release capsules.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has withdrawn 114 batches, while American Health Packaging has pulled back 21 batches on behalf of BluePoint Laboratories.

The recalls were made public through announcements on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website and were prompted by the capsules’ failurе to dissolve properly.

This issuе could raise potassium levels dangerously high, a condition known as hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia may cause an irregular heartbeat, which can escalatе to cardiac arrest in severe cases, according to the companies.

The companies’ announcement read, “For patients who require chronic use of potassium chloride extended-release oral capsules … there is a reasonable probability of developing hyperkalemia.”

Glenmark’s recall was initiated last Monday, followed by BluePoint’s recall the next day. Both products are manufactured by Glenmark, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Despite the potential risks, the firms have not yet received any reports of hyperkalemia or serious adversе reactions directly linked to this recall.

The capsules are designed for individuals with low potassium levels, a condition referred to as hypokalemia, and come in bottles of 100 and 500.

Batch numbers for the recalled products from both Glenmark and BluePoint have been listed on the FDA’s website.

The companies recommend that any consumer in possession of the recalled potassium chloride extended-release capsules should first consult with their healthcare provider before discontinuing use.

They also advise contacting a healthcare professional if any issues arise that might be associated with the use of this medication.

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