Police Dog to the Rescue!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In an uplifting rescue operation, a K-9 and his handler became heroes when they saved an 85-year-old woman who had been holding onto a tree in a Colorado ravine for two hours.

The dramatic footage of the rescue showed Mercury the K-9 and Greenwood Village Police Officer Austin Speer as they quickly picked up the woman’s scent shortly after arriving on the scene.

Fondly nicknamed Merc by Officer Speer, Mercury raced across a grassy area as Speer encouraged him with shouts of “good dog!”

According to the Greenwood Village Police Department, together they went through the woodland until they located the elderly woman, who was “clinging to a tree down a steep ravine where she could not be seen from the roadway or canal.”

After discovering her, Officer Speer reassured the woman with gentle words, “Hi, ma’am. This is a friendly dog. He found you. Isn’t that good? We’re going to get you home, ok?”

The woman’s son later said he was grateful on Facebook: “This is my mom and I am so grateful for Mercury and Officer Speer, the kind and professional dispatch gal I spoke with and all involved on this team effort to save my mom who was ‘gassed out’ after trying to climb this hill and unable to move.”

He was amazed at how the search concluded so swiftly, saying, “I had been searching for her for two hours and Mercury and Officer Speer found her in 10 minutes: UNBELIEVABLE! It was like watching a Navy Seal extraction: I am so grateful to live in City of Greenwood Village Government.”

The woman was able to go back to her family safely thanks to the prompt and skilled actions of the police and their dog companion.

Mercury has been a valuable member of the Greenwood Village Police for over a year. He has been trained specifically for search and rescue missions and narcotics detection, which showcases his key role in community safety and emergency responses.

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