Nikki’s Bombshell Announcement

( – After waging a fierce political war, former presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced that she plans to vote for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November elections despite criticizing his policies.

Speaking about foreign policy at the Hudson Institute in her first public appearance since exiting the presidential race, Haley detailed her reasons for supporting Trump over Joe Biden.

“I put my priorities on a president who’s going to have the backs of our allies and hold our enemies to account who would secure the border,” Haley stated.

She acknowledged Trump’s imperfections but emphasized that “Biden has been a catastrophe. So I will be voting for Trump.”

Haley also urged Trump to reach out to her voter base, saying, “Trump would be smart to reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me and not assume that they’re just going to be with him.”

After withdrawing from the race, Haley initially refrained from endorsing Trump and challenged him to earn the support of those within their party who had not backed him.

“At its best, politics is about bringing people into your cause, not turning them away. And our conservative cause badly needs more people. This is now his time for choosing,” she remarked about Trump’s planned ban on her donors.

In response to questions about uniting the party, Trump confidently expected Haley’s supporters to vote for him again. “They’re going to all vote for me again,” Trump told reporters. “I’m not sure we need too many.”

Biden also appealed to Haley’s supporters by leveraging Trump’s approach. “Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign,” Biden said.

Recently, Trump shot down media speculation by confirming that Haley is not being considered as a vice-presidential candidate.

Despite this, reports from Axios suggest Haley is still being eyed by Trump’s team as a potential vice-presidential pick due to her appeal among donors and college-educated Republicans who supported her in the primaries.

Before her withdrawal, Haley herself ruled out being Trump’s vice-presidential choice, and Trump echoed this sentiment.

“She is OK, but she is not presidential timber. And when I say that, that probably means she is not going to be chosen as the vice president,” he said.

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