Nikki Gets Bad News

( – Signaling bad news for the former South Carolina governor with the state’s Republican presidential primary looming, former President Donald Trump has established a commanding 23-point advantage over Nikki Haley.

An Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey revealed that 58% of probable Republican primary voters in South Carolina are throwing their support behind Trump, Haley has gathered the favor of 35% while an additional 7% remain undecided on their choice.

After nudging undecided voters for a decision, Trump’s lead expanded slightly to 61% of the support compared to Haley’s 39%.

This poll also highlighted that Trump’s strongest support comes from voters prioritizing the economy, immigration and crime. Conversely, Haley finds more support among those concerned with threats to democracy, education and abortion access, though these voters constitute a smaller segment of the GOP electorate.

South Carolina’s open primary system, which lacks party registration, shows Haley with a lead among independent voters. Emerson College Polling executive director Spencer Kimball noted a distinct split in voter preference, with self-identified Republicans overwhelmingly supporting Trump (71% to 29%) and independents leaning towards Haley (54% to 46%).

As the primary draws near, most polling data has consistently shown Trump outpacing Haley in her own backyard with a series of polls by The Hill/Decision Desk HQ indicating that Trump is leading by 32 points.

Despite the significant gap, Haley remains active on the campaign trail not only in South Carolina but also in states that will vote on Super Tuesday.

In a recent ABC News interview, Haley discussed Trump and her own future plans, saying, “I don’t think he should be president. The last thing on my mind is who I’m going to support. The only thing on my mind is how we’re going to win this.”

The Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey was conducted in mid-February among 1,000 registered voters and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.