Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Slammed

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In a striking turn of events in a Manhattan courtroom, a judge slammed Michael Cohen’s former attorney for a shocking error after he submitted fictitious legal precedents supposedly generated by artificial intelligence.

As reported by the New York Post, this incident highlights the puzzling intersection of legal practice and emerging technology.

The focal point of this legal blunder was David Schwartz, Cohen’s former legal representative, who mistakenly incorporated non-existent legal cases into court documents.

These fictional cases were allegedly sourced from the AI service named Google Bard, according to statements made by Cohen, who himself was at some point former President Donald Trump’s legal advisor.

This gaffe occurred during attempts to end Cohen’s supervised release stemming from his 2018 conviction for tax evasion and violations of campaign finance regulations.

Despite the severity of the mistake, Judge Jesse Furman was lenient and attributed the error to negligence rather than malintent. “His citation to non-existent cases is embarrassing and certainly negligent, perhaps even grossly negligent,” Furman remarked. “But the Court cannot find that it was done in bad faith.”

The courtroom’s response to this unusual situation was mixed. Barry Kamins, acting as Schwartz’s attorney and himself a retired judge, was relieved over the court’s decision to view the mishap as a non-malicious error.

“We are gratified that the court viewed the mistake as one that was not made in bad faith by Mr. Schwartz,” Kamins conveyed to news outlets.

In the wake of these developments, the court declined Cohen’s plea for an early termination of his supervised release since Judge Furman saw inconsistencies in Cohen’s statements, which raised doubts about their veracity.

Danya Perry, representing Cohen, said that the lack of penalties for Schwartz was a positive outcome, although she had reservations regarding the implications that Cohen had committed perjury himself.

Perry suggested that the complexities of plea bargaining can sometimes lead individuals to accept guilt for offenses they did not commit, a perspective she also shared with news outlets.

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