Mexican Police Caught in US?!

( – In a dramatic turn of evеnts that might cause a rift between the two countries, Mexican police officers found themselves detained this week after an international chase ended on U.S. soil.

The incident occurred in Matamoros, wherе Tamaulipas state police were responding to reports of a disturbance.

After trying to arrest a suspect involved in a fight that brokе out in the area, the pursuit escalated as the suspect fled in a vehicle toward Brownsville, Texas.

The Mexican police officers then attempted to cross into Texas via a toll booth, but the pursuit ended abruptly when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials intervened.

CBP detained both the fleeing suspect and the Mexican officers pursuing him.

After the encounter, U.S. officials conducted a brief interview and subsequently released the Mexican officers, who returned to Mexico through a different border crossing.

Homeland Security Investigations has acknowledged the incident, with a spokesperson stating that the agency “is aware of the current situation and is closely monitoring.”

This incident comes amid a backdrop of increased violence in Tamaulipas, a region that has seen significant aggression towards police forces.

Breitbart News reports that recent clashes have been particularly fierce, as last week saw the deaths of two officers at the hands of a drug cartel.

These confrontations are believed to be retaliations against state law enforcement operations aimed at capturing a known cartel figure, Armando “Al Pajarito” Lopez Garcez.

The incident highlights the dangers posed by drug cartels alongside the border and the security implications for the U.S.

The southern border has also seen a staggering number of illegal crossings during Joe Biden’s tenure.

Many of these illegals come to the U.S. from Central and South America and use Mexico as a last stop before attempting to cross the border.

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