McConnell’s SHOCKING Comments About Biden!

( – Breaking with former President Donald Trump’s harsh criticisms of the Democrat, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) recently described Joe Biden as a “good guy.”

Though endorsing Trump, McConnell highlighted Biden’s integrity and their long history of collaboration in the Senate and during Biden’s vice presidency.

Speaking in Louisville, McConnell shared, “I know Joe Biden pretty well. He’s a good guy; I like him personally,” reflecting on their extensive shared history in government.

However, McConnell criticized Biden’s presidential actions, especially for siding with the Democratic Party’s far left, which he says has created issues for businesses due to an increase in regulations.

“This has been a regulatory nightmare by this administration,” McConnell expressed.

In the run-up to the presidential debate in Atlanta and beyond, McConnell believes that Trump should focus on policy assessment rather than personal attacks, which have characterized much of Trump’s stance against Biden.

Trump has previously labeled the Democrat as “Crooked Joe” due to corrupt business dealings and has previously raised questions over Biden’s alleged use of energy-boosting drugs.

In contrast, McConnell sees a more effective campaign strategy in highlighting Biden’s policy missteps, particularly around the economy and border security.

He referenced a warning from former Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers about potential risks of inflation due to Biden’s fiscal policies.

McConnell recalled that Summers told Biden “we’re taking very substantial risks on the inflation side” and criticized the excessive financial measures under Biden’s administration for causing high inflation rates.

Moreover, McConnell highlighted the Biden administration’s mishandling of the southern U.S. border and said that the current border problems stem from a shift in policies from the day Biden entered office.

“If Joe Biden is defeated this fall, I think the principle reason that will occur is two unforced error: one, the $2.6 trillion creating the inflation, and the other, basically, opening the border,” McConnell concluded.

Al Cross, a veteran observer of McConnell’s career and director emeritus of the Institute for Rural Journalism at the University of Kentucky, interpreted McConnell’s comments as an attempt to appeal to moderate Republicans who might be turned off by Trump’s style but could align on policy differences.

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