Legendary Actor Takes Role in Biblical Thriller

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Showcasing his amazing acting skills even after decades in the business, legendary Hollywood actor Sir Anthony Hopkins recently shared details about his role in the upcoming biblical thriller “Mary.”

According to Deadline magazine, the film has already wrapped shooting in Morocco and sees 86-year-old Hopkins portraying a power-hungry king opposite newcomer Noa Cohen, who plays Mary.

In a period of his career where he is “drawn to the challenge of complex scripts,”, Hopkins said he was excited about being part of “Mary” due to “the level of the detail given to this production with extraordinary sets, props and costumes.”

“Mary” tells the tale of its titular character following the miraculous conception and the ensuing danger posed by King Herod’s determination to cling to his throne at any cost.

This threat forces Mary and Joseph to desperately protect their child, Jesus, from the king’s murderous plot.

The film’s production is helmed by Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment, with DJ Caruso in the director’s seat.

Timothy Michael Hayes wrote the screenplay, which was developed after extensive consultations with bishops, priests, Baptist pastors, rabbis, biblical scholars and theologians to ensure the narrative was both rich and authentic.

Praising Hopkins for his portrayal of King Herod the Great, Aloes said “[h]e embodied this historical figure of a king who was steeped in mental illness and greed with such great ferocity.”

Caruso shared his ambition to present a nuanced portrayal of Mary, emphasizing her humanity and the difficult challenges she faced.

“Portraying her from birth through childhood and presenting her as a human being with apprehensions and fears will be a celebration of everything inspiring and gut-wrenching about her journey,” he said.

Pastor Joel Osteen also added to the film’s promotion by highlighting the screenplay’s novel approach to Mary’s story.

He praised the script for inviting audiences to dive into Mary’s deep and influential life story, saying her legacy was so important that made her “one of the most influential women in all of history.”

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