Key Senator: ‘Biden Must Do More’

( – Despite blaming political motivations for the Democratic Party’s current situation, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) said Joe Biden “must do more” to convince voters he is not as frail and mentally unfit as he seems.

In a post highlighted by Axios reporter Alex Thompson, Murray said she was skeptical of a Wall Street Journal report detailing Joe Biden’s evident mental and physical decline.

Murray defended Biden, particularly in reference to a January meeting about Ukraine, and asserted, “Surprise, surprise—everyone attacking @POTUS is a Republican with an agenda.”

“I made clear to the [WSJ] regarding the January meeting on Ukraine that the President was absolutely engaged & ran that meeting in a way that brought everyone together. I’m not quoted—I wonder why,” she stated.

However, this comes at the same time as Murray’s own public statement revealing she was concerned over Biden’s capability to campaign energetically enough to secure a victory over former President Donald Trump.

“More than a week since the debate, and after talking with my constituents, I believe President Biden must do more to demonstrate he can campaign strong enough to beat Donald Trump,” Murray noted.

She emphasized that Biden needed to have a dynamic presence on the campaign trail soon to assure voters of his fitness for the role.

Though not directly calling for Biden to withdraw from the race, Murray’s criticism is one of the strongest from a Democratic U.S. senator following what many viewed as a problematic debate performance by Biden.

While six House Democrats have openly urged Biden to withdraw, no senator has yet done so.

Murray also highlighted the importance of Biden leading the effort to outline the stakes of the election, particularly against Trump.

“There is such a case to be prosecuted against Donald Trump — President Biden has to lead the charge in making that case,” she stated.

Murray also outlined the critical issues at stake, including democracy, freedoms and economic well-being, while stressing Democratic achievements like affordable childcare and the restoration of abortion rights.

Despite widespread concerns within the party, Biden remains firm in his decision to continue his campaign.

He has dismissed calls to step down as coming from “elites” and said his victory in the party’s primary was a mandate from Democratic voters.

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