Judge Makes FINAL Ruling – It’s Over!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In a move bound to shock and anger his millions of supporters, Infowars radio host Alex Jones will see his personal assets liquidated to cover part of a $1.5 billion debt stemming from defamation claims related to the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Despite this, his Infowars business remains operational after a Texas bankruptcy judge ruled against shutting down Jones’s media company, Free Speech Systems.

Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez stated, “I was never asked today to make a decision to shut down a show or not. It was never going to happen, that being said, this is one of the most difficult cases I’ve had.”

He explained that dismissing the bankruptcy case for the Texas-based company was in the creditors’ best interest.

The ruling came amid conflicting desires among the victims’ families: some pushed for dismissing the company’s bankruptcy case, while others hoped to see Jones’s broadcasting empire dismantled.

“Dismissal allows the creditors to exercise available remedies in state court immediately—not after waiting for a new protracted bankruptcy under chapter 7 to play out,” argued some families in a court document.

Despite the financial turmoil, Infowars will continue broadcasting for the time being, though its long-term viability is unclear.

Judge Lopez also approved converting Jones’ personal bankruptcy into a liquidation. Originally seeking reorganization, Jones shifted toward liquidating his personal assets, which are estimated at around $9 million.

He is actively selling his $2.8 million Texas ranch, his firearms collection and other possessions.

Families of the Sandy Hook victims have accused Jones of manipulating his finances, describing it as a “Hail Mary attempt” to redirect funds to himself and his relatives.

These families are also pushing for Jones’ social media account, which has 2.3 million followers, to be included in the bankruptcy considerations.

After the court decision, Jones told the press that he was suffering from “lawfare and the weaponization of the legal system,” although he noted Judge Lopez has been fair.

He predicted a bleak future for Infowars: “This is probably the end of Infowars here, very, very, soon — if not today, the next few weeks or months,” but emphasized his ongoing resolve against “tyranny.”

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