Judge Gives Trump Green Light

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Faced with Democratic-led witch hunts from all fronts targeting his pockets and tarnishing his reputation, a federal judge has given the green light for former President Donald Trump’s significant $92 million bond.

Lodged last week, this financial pledge aims at securing the compensation awarded to writer E. Jean Carroll if Trump’s ongoing appeal fails following a court decision in January that held him accountable in a defamation lawsuit filed in New York.

Trump is challenging this judgment at the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan to contest Carroll’s alleged sexual assault accusations dating back to 1996 in a high-end department store.

The jury previously awarded $83.3 million in damages over Trump’s public denouncing of Carroll — a sum broken down into $18.3 million for compensatory reasons and $65 million as punitive reparation.

The bond’s sum tops the damages owed since the legal stipulation demands 110% of the judgment’s value to be secured for the appeal’s duration.

The source of the bond is Virginia-based Federal Insurance Company Chesapeake, as revealed in documentation endorsed by Trump himself. His legal representation has defended his past statements as efforts to shield his reputation, his family and his presidency.

Despite a New York City jury finding Trump not guilty of rape last year, they did hold him accountable for sexual abuse and defamation, which resulted in a $5 million penalty against him.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan recently approved the bond after the parties involved unanimously agreed to it, so Carroll can potentially receive the awarded sum pending the appeal’s outcome.

Over a recent campaign rally, Trump blasted Carroll by saying the allegations were unfounded, which her attorney said could trigger a third defamation suit due to these latest assertions.

This defamation case’s backdrop includes a separate jury verdict from last May, which did not convict Trump of rape as per New York state’s legal definition but did find him guilty of sexual abuse and defamation, awarding Carroll $5 million.

Absent from the May trial but frequently attending the January proceedings, Trump expressed his discontent during his brief court testimony due to the restrictions imposed on him over the previous jury’s conclusions.

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