Infamous Dem in Big Trouble

( – The far left is seeing its base turn its back on them, as extreme-liberal and infamous Squad member Representative Jamaal Bowman finds himself significantly trailing behind his opponent.

Bowman is facing hopeful George Latimer in the race for the Democratic primary in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

An Emerson College Polling/PIX11/The Hill recent polling indicates Latimer is leading the primary with 48% compared to Bowman’s 31%, with 21% of voters still undecided.

Bowman is widely infamous for pulling a Capitol Hill fire alarm to delay a congressional vote.

He has received sharp criticisms regarding his position on the Israel-Hamas conflict, especially after he controversially called the Jewish nation an “apartheid” state, a remark he later retracted after facing blowback.

His stance may have influenced voter opinions as 45% align with Latimer’s pro-Israel view compared to 29% who side with Bowman.

The poll also reveals that half of the Democratic primary voters believe the U.S. is spending too much on aid to Israel, and 46% think not enough is being done for Palestinian humanitarian efforts.

Latimer’s moderate political views and extensive experience in local governance since the late 1980s seem to resonate with the electorate, with 65% viewing him favorably compared to Bowman’s 51%.

Demographic differences are also apparent: Latimer leads among white voters by 42 points, whereas Bowman has a 14-point lead among black voters. Meanwhile, Hispanic voters are split evenly between the two candidates.

The survey also revealed that the top concerns for Democratic voters are: the economy (22%), housing affordability (21%), democracy threats (14%), healthcare (13%), crime (12%) and immigration (6%).

As a member of the Squad, Bowman rubs еlbows with other far-left House Democrats, such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush.

This Emerson Collegе Polling/PIX11/The Hill polling data was collected in early June with a sample of 425 likely Democratic voters and a margin of error of plus or minus 4.7 percentage points.

With еarly voting set to begin soon, this election will provide the first real test of voter sentiment in the Democratic primary field.

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