Hunter Running Out of Time

( – Spelling trouble for his father’s already sagging poll ratings, Hunter Biden is running out of time as he has two criminal trials coming up next month.

Just recently, Hunter made another attempt to postpone one of the upcoming trials, which is set to begin on June 3.

A panel from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals turned down Hunter’s May 9 motion to dismiss three felony firearm charges brought against him by Special Counsel David Weiss.

His lawyers requested either the full court or the panel to reconsider the decision and halt the case’s progression in the meantime, stating there is “no urgency in having an immediate trial.”

In their urgent motion for an administrative stay, Hunter’s lawyers wrote:

“Given the shortness of time before trial, and between the trial in California and this one, Biden seeks an immediate administrative stay of the district court proceedings to allow (1) this Court to have Biden’s motion for a stay briefed and decided; (2) to allow time for the district court to rule on Biden’s Appropriation Clause injunction motion and for Biden to appeal; and (3) for this Court to rule on the pending petition for rehearing by the panel and en banc, and to decide the motion to dismiss that the Special Counsel indicated he would file to challenge Biden’s new appeal.”

The attorneys hinted at a point previously raised in a footnote, claiming that both the indictment on firearm charges and a separate indictment brought by Weiss in California on tax charges are politically driven.

“The trials are scheduled back-to-back, with the California trial scheduled for June 20, 2024,” Hunter’s lawyers noted.

“Republican officials have been pressing for the Special Counsel to bring additional charges and to have the trials before the election as a counterpoint to cases pending against Biden’s father’s opponent,” they added.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial on charges brought by Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg is currently underway.

The Third Circuit panel’s earlier decision dismissed Hunter’s requests to throw out his case.

His team based the dismissal on claims that the indictment breaches the terms of a pretrial diversion agreement that was part of his unsuccessful plea deal, that the special counsel’s appointment was illegal and that he was “vindictively and selectively prosecuted.”

Last week, Judge Maryellen Noreika, presiding over Hunter’s case, rejected his lawyers’ attempt to postpone the trial until September.

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