Hunter Biden Rejected

( – With his trial set to start next weеk, Hunter Biden’s attempt to dismiss federal gun charges against him on Second Amendment grounds was swiftly shot down.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it did not have the authority to consider Hunter’s appeal of Judge Maryellen Noreika’s earlier decision to keep the charges in place.

The court’s ruling stated, “Criminal defendants ordinarily cannot appeal until after final judgment. The defendant’s Second Amendment defense does not implicate a right not to be tried that can be collaterally appealed.”

Made up of judges appointed by Joe Biden and former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the panel suggested that Hunter’s appeal on Second Amendment grounds could be considered after the trial’s conclusion.

Despite this and according to court documents, Hunter’s legal team plans to focus heavily on the Second Amendment in their defense.

Hunter faces three federal charges related to a firearm he purchased while having an addiction to crack cocaine.

The charges accuse him of lying on the required forms for buying the gun and of possessing the firearm while addicted to hard drugs. He has entered a plea of not guilty.

His defense team is expected to challenge the definitions of terms like “is,” “addict,” and “user” in their arguments, claiming Hunter was not an addict at the exact time he completed the gun purchase forms.

Last week, Judge Noreika decided that the prosecution does not need to prove Biden was actively using drugs on the day he bought the gun, a significant ruling in favor of the prosecution.

The court will allow the use of excerpts from Biden’s memoir and other substantial evidence to demonstrate his drug addiction during the period he bought and owned the gun.

A crucial witness for the prosecution, Hallie Biden, who was Hunter’s former partner and his late brother Beau’s widow, is set to testify.

As outlined in court documents, she will discuss Hunter’s drug use around the time of the gun purchase and confirm he was in Delaware during that period.

Additionally, Judge Noreika recently rejected another of Hunter’s legal challenges against Special Counsel David Weiss’s authority to prosecute based on alleged violations of the appropriations clause.

The trial is scheduled to start with jury selection on June 3.

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