Hillary Stuns Progressives

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Doubling down on her polarizing figurе, Hillary Clinton has stunned progressives by endorsing a moderate Democrat instead of an incumbent far-left Squad member in a House primary race.

With less than two weeks until the primary, Clinton decided to endorse Westchester County Executive Georgе Latimer, who is Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s primary opponent.

Clinton praised Latimer as a “principled” Democrat and focused on the need for strong Democratic representation in Congress to support Joe Biden’s agenda without commenting on the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever. In Congress, @LatimerforNY will protect abortion rights, stand up to the NRA, and fight for President Biden’s agenda—just like he’s always done,” Clinton posted on X.

Bowman is facing a tough challenge, as he is seen significantly trailing at 31% to Latimer’s 48% in a recent Emerson College Polling/PIX11/The Hill poll.

Clinton’s endorsement, herself a divisive figure within parts of the Democratic Party, could influence undecided voters, as noted by New York State Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs: “When Hillary says something, people listen.”

Former Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) also highlighted Clinton’s involvement in the race, saying, “Of course, you want to get Hillary’s endorsement. It’s a net positive for Latimer. It hurts Bowman politically.”

The race has been significantly shaped by the candidates’ stances on the Israel-Hamas war. Latimer has supported Israel and criticized Bowman for his early call for a ceasefire and controversial genocide comments.

Bowman has been sharply criticized by some for his remarks and past actions, including an incident where he pulled a fire alarm in Congress in an attempt to halt a vote in the lower chamber. He has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for his actions.

Despite this, Bowman enjoys the support of progressive figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

The June 25 primary is part of a broader pattern of challenges faced by “Squad” members in Democratic primaries, with Bowman’s New York’s 16th being particularly competitive.

Clinton has slammed progressive criticism of Israel in the past, underscoring her commitment to supporting experienced Democratic leaders against what she sees as misinformed progressive opposition.

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