Heroic Effort Saves 2 Horses

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In a challenging rescue operation in Connecticut, 40 first responders worked for five hours to save two horses that had gotten trapped in swampy mud deep in the woods.

According to the city’s volunteer fire department, the incident occurred about three-quarters of a mile behind a farm in Lebanon, where the horses found themselves stuck.

One of the horses was trapped in the mud for a grueling seven hours.

To make the rescue easier, teams from several agencies had to transport equipment such as ropes, wood and plywood using a cargo truck.

This gear was used to construct a sled to pull the horses from the thick muck.

Navigating the rescue site was no small feat. “The access road was complete mud and there was a river to cross [halfway] in,” the fire department noted.

Responders also improvised a bridge from logs, cribbing and plywood to cross the muddy terrain and reach the stranded animals.

The process of rescuing the horses involved meticulous and strenuous efforts.

The first horse was secured onto the sled and required about 30 minutes to be moved to solid ground.

The operation for the second horse was the same, which allowed both animals to be extracted from the swamp safely.

Photographs from the scene captured the tense moments of the rescue, including images of a harness around one horse as it was being prepared for extraction.

Responders could also be seen actively cutting and hauling logs to build the needed pathways.

The entire rescue mission took about five hours to complete. During this time, a pathway was constructed, the horses were freed from the mud and their health was assessed.

Although they experienced “mild distress,” both horses were able to stand and quickly began to eat fresh hay provided to them, which indicated they would make a fine recovery from the ordeal.

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