Haley Suffers Huge Embarrassment

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In a huge reversal of her plans to become the Republican nominee for this year’s presidential election, Nikki Haley failed to come out on top in Nevada’s GOP primary even with Donald Trump not on the ballot.

Currently leading the national GOP polls with 54.7% Trump decided to skip the primary but that did not stop Nevada Republicans from picking the “none of these candidates” option over Haley and the other names they could choose from.

With most of the votes counted said option grabbed 63% of the vote while Haley was left with just 30.8%. In turn former Vice-President Mike Pence and Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina got less than 5% of the vote each even after exiting the race last year.

This year candidates had to pick between running in the primary or the caucus after Nevada switched from a caucus system to a primary system in 2021. Although Republicans fought against the move without success the state GOP decided to hold their own caucus anyway.

Even though Republicans in Nevada can vote in both events only the caucus results will decide how the state’s delegates are divided. Trump is the only well-known name on the ballot after deciding to participate in the caucus.

In the face of her defeat Haley’s team called out Nevada’s voting setup and claimed it was unfairly tilted to benefit Trump. They argued that the split between the caucus and primary systems caused confusion and led Haley’s campaign to not focus much on Nevada.

On the Democratic side Joe Biden secured a win in Nevada with 90.2% of the vote while the “none of these candidates” option got 5.7% and author Marianne Williamson received 2.5% of the vote.