Haley Slams Trump’s ‘Temper Tantrum’

(DailyEmailNews.com) – In the aftermath of her second defeat in the GOP primaries and caucuses, Nikki Haley did not hold back her thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s reaction to his win in New Hampshire.

After losing the New Hampshire primary by around 11 percentage points, Haley described Trump’s victory speech as “a temper tantrum” during a campaign event in North Charleston, S.C.

Despite her recent setbacks, Haley was upbeat about her campaign’s progress, noting a significant surge in support. “We were very excited last night because we saw that we had gone up 25 points in a month. And we were thrilled,” she said.

However, she did not appreciate Trump’s response to her campaign efforts, calling him out for his behavior. “He pitched a fit, he was — he was insulting, he was doing what he does, but I know that’s what he does when he’s insecure,” Haley remarked, suggesting Trump’s actions came from feeling threatened.

Haley also threw down the gauntlet for a debate, directly challenging Trump, who has so far avoided debating his primary opponents. She said, “Bring it Donald, show me what you got,” highlighting her readiness to face Trump head-on. However, Trump has previously remarked he does not need to debate due to his significant lead in national polls.

Looking ahead, Haley remains optimistic about the upcoming primary in South Carolina, her home state, despite earlier defeats in New Hampshire and Iowa. She believes the race is far from over and aims to demonstrate strong performance in South Carolina. Her campaign continues to push forward after fundraising more than $1 million since her speech in New Hampshire.

Current polls show Haley significantly behind Trump in South Carolina, with The Hill/Decision Desk HQ polling averages indicating a 34% gap between them. Trump leads with around 61% support, while Haley has about 27%. Despite these challenges, Haley’s determination to continue her campaign and challenge Trump directly reflects her confidence and commitment to her presidential bid.