GOP Condemns THIS Biden Plan

( – Underscoring that Democrats have no idea about how to manage America’s foreign affairs, eight Republican legislators have condemned Joe Biden’s upcoming plans to engage with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani at the White House in April.

Spearheaded by Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, the group asserts that the proposed meeting is both ill-timed and harmful to the interests of Israel.

The letter to Biden was signed by Senators Ted Budd, Bill Hagerty and Rick Scott and Representatives Jake Ellzey, French Hill, Mike Turner and Mike Waltz to explain their concerns.

They argue that entertaining the Iraqi Prime Minister not only disregards key regional allies but also suggests a shift toward accommodating Iran over boosting established partnerships.

The letter reads:

“Hosting the Iraqi prime minister, especially while failing to meet with leaders of some of our most trusted partners in the region, amplifies the message of your ongoing campaign to undermine Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu: The Biden administration is interested in appeasing Iran, not supporting our allies.”

The criticism revolves around the fact that the Iraqi government is significantly influenced by Iran and is funneling around $3 billion to Iran-affiliated militias and terrorist groups, which compromises regional stability and directly impacts American and Kurdish forces with over 180 documented aggressions since October 2023.

Moreover the lawmakers criticize the administration’s ongoing financial concessions to Iraq that indirectly benefit Iran, saying Biden keeps “granting sanctions waivers to the Iraqi government to import Iranian electricity and natural gas, all while using U.S. dollars transferred to Iraq from the Federal Reserve.”

The group advocates for a strategic change aimed at diminishing Iranian power within Iraq and enhancing the United States’ relations with the Kurdish administration, including specific demands such as the restoration of the Iraq-Turkey Pipeline to protect the economic interests of the Kurdistan Region.

“Your appeasement of Iran has endangered American national security and weakened our relationship with our allies. While the corrective actions outlined here will not undo the damage you’ve caused, they represent an important first step,” the letter added.

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