Gaetz Interrogates Special Counsel About Biden

( – In the aftermath of a damaging report explicitly conveying Joe Biden as an old man unfit for office due to alarming instances of forgetfulness, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida directly challenged Special Counsel Robert Hur’s findings during a recent hearing.

Using his allotted time to discuss the report’s results, Gaetz questioned Hur regarding his decision not to file charges against Biden and his book’s ghostwriter despite the evident mishandling of classified documents.

Hur’s report from February concluded that although Biden had intentionally retained classified materials, he opted not to press charges since he doubted a successful conviction given that Biden would likely present himself “as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Gaetz raised concerns, particularly about the ghostwriter, and suggested that charges should have been brought for allegedly destroying evidence upon learning of Hur’s assignment to the case.

“Just so everybody knows, the ghostwriter didn’t just delete the recordings as a matter of happenstance,” Gaetz said.

He added, “Ghostwriter has recordings of Biden making admissions of crimes, he then learns that you’ve been appointed, he then deletes the information that is the evidence, and you don’t charge him.”

As Hur began to justify his decision detailed in the report, Gaetz interjected and questioned the threshold for obstruction of justice charges under Hur’s criteria, especially concerning the deletion of incriminating evidence.

“Like, what does somebody have to do to get charged with obstruction of justice by you?” Gaetz inquired. “If deleting the evidence of crimes doesn’t count, what would meet the standard?”

In response Hur clarified that not all evidence was eliminated, including transcripts, but Gaetz criticized the assertion as it seemingly implied that partial destruction of evidence somehow negates the act of destroying any evidence at all.

He firmly argued that the ghostwriter’s actions regarding the evidence warranted charges and emphasized the need for the same treatment in legal matters between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“Biden and Trump should have been treated equally,” Gaetz stated. “They weren’t. And that is the double standard I think a lot of Americans are concerned about.”

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