Devastating Poll: ‘Biden Is Mentally Unwell’

( – Democrats have been left scrambling for an excuse to save their presidential candidate, even if most Americans have been revealed to think Joe Biden “is mentally unwell.”

Ever since Biden’s less-than-stellar performance in last week’s presidential debate, where he struggled with his responses and looked disconnected, a flurry of explanations has come up from his camp.

The theories range from having a cold to suffering from jet lag or the debate timing being too late in the day and even over-preparation, among other reasons.

However, a recent poll conducted by J.L. Partners indicates that 52% of voters, including 17% of Democrats, attribute Biden’s debate difficulties to dementia.

Polling company co-founder James Johnson remarked, “The debate confirmed what voters already feared about Biden—and then some.”

According to the survey, only 10% believe the White House’s explanation that a cold caused Biden’s challenges during the intense 90-minute face-off with former President Donald Trump.

This polling data has shown that Trump has extended his lead over the 81-year-old Biden by six points.

While many of Biden’s supporters have tried to rationalize his poor debate showing, concerns are growing even among his backers.

The White House has consistently maintained that Biden is in good health, but the poll report emphasized the gravity of the findings.

“The finding that 52% of voters think his poor performance was down to dementia is hugely significant: No one is buying Biden’s personal excuses or that of his staff. This is something they think is structural and a problem that is not going to go away.”

It added, “Majority views involving political figures are not normal in American politics due to high levels of polarization. Biden’s health has bucked that: it is now a majority and uniting view that Biden is mentally unwell.”

When a White House spokeswoman was questioned about Biden’s mental fitness, she deflected and suggested that reporters should pose similar questions about the mental status of the other candidate in the race.

Biden himself has made excuses for his debate performance, admitting, “I decided to travel around the world a couple of times … shortly before the debate … ‘I didn’t listen to my staff … and then I almost fell asleep on stage.”

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