Dem Insider Slams Biden and ‘Elites’

( – Further highlighting that the Democratic party is turning Joe Biden away ahead of this year’s presidential election, a prominent former counsel for House Judiciary Committee Democrats voiced concerns over the party’s direction for losing touch with Americans on border issues.

Julian Epstein, who played a key role in the Judiciary Committee, underscored the significant gap between Democratic leadership and the general population’s stance on illegal immigration.

Speaking to Fox Business Epstein emphasized the widespread disapproval of Biden’s lax immigration policies, which many perceive as too soft or a way to endorse open borders.

“I think that Democratic elites are out of touch with the public on the question of immigration,” he stated

With the 2024 presidential race heating up, Biden finds himself at a disadvantage because he is seen lagging behind Trump in several polling averages in battleground states, which makes the immigration debate even more crucial for the Democratic strategy moving forward.

Epstein underscored the stark reality facing Democratic strongholds nationwide, which are grappling with the ramifications of lax border policies to mirror the alarming challenges with which border states are currently grappling.

According to Epstein Biden’s response to the immigration crisis has been less than satisfactory, with attempts to pin the blame on Republicans while proposing insufficient measures to address the root issues. Epstein argues that this approach will not resonate with voters seeking decisive action on immigration.

The political landscape is further complicated by Biden’s reference to the suspected murderer of 22-year-old Laken Riley as an “illegal” during the State of the Union, which sparked controversy and drew criticism from both sides of the aisle.

This incident and the Senate’s recent failure to advance a comprehensive border security bill highlight the urgent need for a cohesive and effective immigration strategy from the Biden administration.

As evidenced by the latest CBP data illegal border crossings continued to surge to a staggering 2,045,838 in the fiscal year 2023 alone from 2,206,436 in 2022 and 1,659,206 in 2021, which heightens the call for immediate and impactful action to address the issue.

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