Call Out the National Guard?

( – In the middle of a series of alarming anti-Israel incidents, Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley sent Joe Biden a letter urging him to deploy the National Guard to protect Jewish American students at Columbia University.

Hawley based his petition on historical precedents where federal troops were mobilized to protect civil rights.

He suggested a similar response was necessary at Columbia since in-person classes had to be suspended due to what he described as “illegal pro-Hamas demonstrations.”

Hawley’s letter reminded Biden of the increased risk Jewish students face during the Passover holiday, echoing the concerns he expressed earlier on the Senate floor.

“In your statement on Passover, you stated that ‘in recent days, we’ve seen harassment and calls for violence against Jews. This blatant Antisemitism is reprehensible and dangerous – and it has absolutely no place on college campuses, or anywhere in our country,’” he wrote.

He then referenced President Eisenhower’s 1957 decision to deploy the National Guard to protect black students in Little Rock, Arkansas after the Supreme Court issued its school desegregation ruling.

2I urge you to similarly mobilize the National Guard and other necessary authorities to protect Jewish American students on Columbia University’s campus, and any other campus where Jewish students are at risk. ‘Never again’ means never again,” he stated.

Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton also joined Hawley to emphasize how urgent the situation at Columbia University is, where protests have led to over 100 arrests.

Both lawmakers criticized local and state responses, with Cotton explicitly calling on Biden to act since “the radical anti-Israel protestors have always been part of the Democratic Party’s base.”

These calls for action came as Columbia decided to move classes online in response to the escalating tension on campus, which included a prominent rabbi advising Jewish students to leave the premises for safety.

Although Biden has the authority to mobilize the National Guard to protect civil rights and enforce federal law under the Insurrection Act, the White House has not commented on the possibility of protecting Jewish students in the face of mounting aggression toward them.

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