Bye-Bye Nikki

( – In the wake of her second major loss in her attempt to snatch the GOP presidential nomination, Nikki Haley’s key financial backers are starting to pull their support after her defeat to former President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary.

Trump won in New Hampshire with a margin of 54.3% to Haley’s 43.3%, just days after Haley placed third in the Iowa caucus. In response, high-profile donors, like billionaire Reid Hoffman and metal tycoon Andy Sabin, stopped funding Haley’s presidential campaign. As various news outlets reported, other donors are also reconsidering their contributions.

Seasoned GOP strategist Mike Dennehy from New Hampshire said that Haley’s chance to impact the race significantly has seemingly passed. He stated, “The true fight for the Republican nomination is over,” underscoring Haley’s unlikely chances of winning South Carolina after consecutive losses.

Hoffman, a major Democratic donor backing Haley as the GOP candidate most likely to defeat Trump, no longer plans to support her campaign. According to The New York Times, he had donated $250,000 to the super PAC supporting Haley’s 2024 run.

Similarly, Sabin, who had supported other Republican figures before, stated that he would not fund Haley’s campaign moving forward. After withdrawing from Haley’s camp, Sabin mentioned he would do everything possible to support Trump’s election.

In response to these developments, Haley’s campaign spokesperson, AnnMarie Graham-Barnes, asserted that Haley remains committed to the race. She highlighted the significant small-dollar donations the campaign received following her New Hampshire speech.

In the upcoming days, Events hosted by the Koch network and the American Opportunity Alliance will see GOP donors deciding whether to continue supporting Haley due to her challenges in the primary race.

Veteran Republican strategist Mark Weaver remarked that the Republican party’s anti-Trump faction is coming to terms with Trump’s likely nomination, viewing Haley as another contender who could not overcome Trump’s lead.

Trump has criticized Haley and warned donors against supporting her campaign, rallying loyalty around the MAGA movement and his America First agenda.

Despite these challenges, Haley is determined to stay focused on the upcoming South Carolina primary as a crucial battleground. Current polls show Trump leading Haley significantly in South Carolina. However, Haley assured her supporters that the race is “far from over,” signaling her intention to continue fighting for the nomination.