Bye-Bye and Good Riddance

( – Sparing us a new controversy jeopardizing Republican political efforts, former New York Representative George Santos decided not to try and regain a seat in Congress.

He claimed his intention was to avoid dividing Republican votes by running as an independent.

Although he withdrew from the race, it seems another key factor was at play: his campaign’s lack of financial activity.

Reports indicate that Santos’s campaign disclosed it had zero fundraising and zero expenditures with the Federal Election Commission.

Santos, who had a brief and controversial tenure as the congressman for New York’s third district, was expelled from the House in December, making him only the sixth member in history to be ousted.

His political career had already been stained by accusations that he made up key details of his personal life, including his heritage, educational background and professional experience.

During Joe Biden’s State of the Union address earlier this year, Santos declared he would run for New York’s first congressional district. However, he soon left the Republican Party to continue his political journey as an independent.

Recently, Santos announced on the social media platform X that he was ending his campaign due to strategic reasons: “Staying in this race all but guarantees a victory for the Dems in the race.”

He said he was concerned that staying in the race would split the Republican vote and potentially lead to a Democratic win.

As of March, Nick Lalota, another Republican candidate, had amassed approximately $1.5 million in contributions for the 2024 elections. In contrast, Santos’s campaign went nowhere financially.

Although he took a step back from the current political landscape, Santos hinted he could make a future public return and suggested his political career might not be finished, stating, “It’s only goodbye for now, I’ll be back.”

Santos has a trial pending after pleading not guilty to 23 charges related to fraud in October, including identity theft, misappropriating donor credit card information and falsifying information to the FEC.

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