BREAKING: Famous Singer Arrested

( – In a testament to how fame and money can make people spiral out of control, a renowned singer just found himself in a tight spot in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Darius Rucker, the voice behind Hootie & The Blowfish, got caught with a small dose of a controlled substance while also having some car tag issues. Now he is facing three different misdemeanors for a small-time drug charge.

It all went down recently and the local law enforcement did not waste time to have him pose for a mugshot. He was out and about not long after that after posting a $10,500 bond. His lawyer has stated that Rucker has been fully cooperative regarding his arrest.

Rucker is not new to this type of situation. He has been candid before about his love for living in the fast lane saying, “Doing drugs and drinking every night — I’ve done that.” He allegedly gave it all up when he got married and became a father.

Notably, Rucker has made headlines before for another serious incident involving his ex, Kate Quigley. She nearly did not make it out alive after a bad overdose that killed three other people. Rucker talked about it once, but Quigley was not too happy since he did not reach out to tell her directly.

Rucker is not only known for being part of the band. He has also made quite a name for himself in country music and even tried his hand at acting. His tunes with the band are still classics, and his solo journey has been paying off as well.