Border Emergency: Largest Surge in 24 years

In December, the Mexico-US border had the largest number of migrants in the last 24 years…nearly a quarter century.

US staff at the border is completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do.

They were handling about 10,000 migrants per day at the beginning of the month, but that did start to decrease as the month wore on. Nonetheless, it’s a huge number.

One of the largest concerns is the number of little kids coming across, many that are not accompanied by parents. Since December 1, the number of unaccompanied kids has jumped by 6.5%.

On January 8th, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is heading to the border to check things out. Hopefully, he’ll come up with some answers for this ongoing, and seemingly, increasing crisis.

As many of the immigrants are crossing into Texas, the state has been shipping them to other states to spread out the pain of managing them all. Many cities where the migrants are being bussed are now at capacity. For example, Denver is expected to spend around 10% of it’s entire annual budget on taking care of migrants; and New York City is spending roughly $4 billion per year across the next three years ($12 billion, not million!) total, to a point where the city may have to cut other important services.

In December, Texas Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 into law. This law allows local law enforcement to arrest migrants. It also allows judges to remove migrants from the US.

Of course, the White House is at odds with Abbott, Texas, and the law and is fighting it.

It will be very interesting to see what plays out in 2024 for our Southern Border.