BOMBSHELL: He’s Resigning!

( – After a shocking snap election and abysmal results for his coalition, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal revealed he planned to resign after the left-wing New Popular Front coalition scored a plurality in the country’s latest legislative elections.

Attal, known for his centrist stance and as a key ally of President Emmanuel Macron, stated, “Faithful to the Republican tradition and in accordance with my principles, tomorrow morning I will submit my resignation to the president of the Republic.”

However, Macron has said that he will ask Attal to remain in a caretaker position given the current political uncertainty facing the nation.

The New Popular Front is a left-wing alliance that secured an estimated 180 to 215 seats, as reported by TF1, but fell short of the 289 needed for a majority in the National Assembly.

This situation thwarted the right-wing populist National Rally, which was projected to secure between 120 to 150 seats, from forming a government.

In turn, Macron’s political group came up in second place and is expected to secure about 150 to 180 seats.

Standing at around 60%, this election has seen the largest voter turnaround in France since the legislative elections in 1981.

Radical leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a prominent figure within the coalition, said he was content with the election outcome, calling it an “immense relief for a majority of people in our country.”

Mélenchon has unsuccessfully run for president several times and was sharply criticized for refusing to denounce Hamas’ October 7 terror attack against Israel.

Despite leading after the first round with a 33.2% share of the vote, the right-populist National Rally under Jordan Bardella could not clinch a majority.

28-year-old Bardella could have become France’s youngest prime minister. Instead, he highlighted the far-right party’s historic legislative achievement and criticized Macron for leading “France into uncertainty and instability.”

Bardella’s campaign focused heavily on immigration, a hot-button issue in the wake of Europe’s refugee crisis over recent decades.

Meanwhile, Macron has stated he will defer forming a new government until the final vote counts are in, promising to respect “the sovereign choice of the French people.”

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