Biden Slammed Over ‘Executive Privilege’

( – Accusing him of unashamed hypocrisy, the Trump campaign launched a pointed attack on Joе Biden over his decision to exert executive privilege regarding his own mishandling of classified documents.

This criticism followed Biden’s decision to withhold audio recordings of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur, a move the Justice Department previously announced.

“Crooked Joe Biden and his feeble administration have irretrievably politicized the key constitutional tenet of executive privilege, denying it to their political opponents while aggressively trying to use it to run political cover for Crooked Joe,” stated Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung.

The conflict stems from the fact that the Biden administration denied former President Donald Trump’s claims of executivе privilege in ongoing legal battles involving classified documents and investigations into the 2020 election.

The matter escalated to the Supreme Court, which heard arguments in April, with a decision anticipated by the end of Junе.

In response to the Justice Department’s refusal to release the audio, the House Oversight and Accountability and Judiciary Committees are planning hearings to recommend contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said that by refusing to release the audio, the administration suggested severe concerns within the White House.

“Clearly President Biden and his advisers fear releasing the audio recordings of his interview because it will again reaffirm to the American people that President Biden’s mental state is in decline,” Comer said.

“The House Oversight Committee requires these recordings as part of our investigation of President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents,” he added. “The White House is asserting executive privilege over the recordings, but it has already waived privilege by releasing the transcript of the interview.”

The Judiciary Committee highlighted the difference in legal standards, citing Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA): “There are three standards of justice under the Biden Administration. One for Donald Trump. One for the rest of us. And one for Democrats.”

The transcript of Biden’s interview with Hur was part of the investigation into his mishandling of classified documents.

It ended up revealing that Biden was struggling with some dates and details, which aides say has been characteristic of him for years.

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