Biden Official Let Off the Hook

( – After doubling down on their efforts to impeach former President Donald Trump twice, now Democrats are crying foul in order to let Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas off the hook.

By doing so, the Senate made a historical decision to ignore two impeachment articles against Mayorkas over his role in creating the current border crisis.

This action marked the first time in 225 years that the Senate opted to dismiss House-approved impeachment charges without moving to a trial or referring the matter for further investigation.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that a trial was unwarranted and slammed the impeachment as “the least legitimate, least substantive and most politicized impeachment trial ever in the history of the United States.”

The dismissal came via Schumer’s points of order, which argued the charges did not meet the constitutional threshold of a “high crime or misdemeanor.”

The motion to dismiss was introduced after Senator Eric Schmitt objected to Schumer’s request for a debate on trial procedures.

Republicans’ attempts to counteract Schumer’s dismissal plan, including Senator Ted Cruz’s proposal for a private session to discuss the impeachment’s constitutionality, were shot down by Democratic votes.

The Senate floor witnessed moments of chaos, notably when Republican Whip John Thune was talked over in order to silence him.

Senator Lisa Murkowski moved away from her party by voting “present” on one of Schumer’s objections but then joined Republicans against Schumer’s second objection regarding Mayorkas’ lies to Congress.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Democrats for not fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities while saying the Senate had a duty to assess the charges.

“Under the Constitution and the rules of impeachment, it is the job of this body to consider the articles of impeachment brought before us and to render judgment,” McConnell stated.

The trial’s rejection prompted strong reactions from Senate conservatives. Senator Mike Lee condemned Democrats for breaking over two centuries of precedent and threatened to halt Senate operations in response.

The session ended with a 51 to 49 vote to adjourn as a court of impeachment, ending the proceedings without a trial.

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