Biden Needs Special Shoes?

( – Further highlighting that he is too old to hold the most important office in the world, Joe Biden’s recent choice in footwear has sparked speculation about his need for additional support following a sequence of mishaps.

The 81-year-old has been spotted wearing a black pair of Hoka Transport sneakers, which are designed for “hiking,” “walking” and general “lifestyle” activities instead of the traditional dress shoes worn with formal attire.

These sneakers are equipped with a “quick-toggle lace” to be easily taken on and off and are listed on the product’s website, where they are sold for between $150 and $200 a pair. They are described as providing “neutral” stability and offer a “symmetrical bed of cushion” for the wearer.

Additionally, these shoes have earned a stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting foot health. This aspect is particularly relevant given Biden’s “stiffened gait,” as noted in his latest physical examination.

The shift in Biden’s shoe choice became a topic of conversation among observers in late February, at the same time as his annual physical assessment.

This change has led to widespread theories on social media about whether the sneakers were recommended to address Biden’s tendency for falls, particularly noticeable during his interactions with Air Force One’s stairs.

In recent times, Biden has been seen preferring to use retractable stairs located at the plane’s rear for boarding, which is a departure from the traditional way of boarding a plane.

One of Biden’s more notable falls happened during the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony last June, where he tripped over a sandbag and fell on stage.

Although reports from Politico earlier in January suggested that Biden had previously been unwilling to wear tennis shoes for fear they might weaken his image, he now seems to have embraced them for their comfort.

Responding to inquiries, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates hinted at Biden’s active lifestyle and suggested that he wears athletic footwear to support his fitness routine.

According to his annual physical report, Biden engages in physical therapy focused on enhancing “core stability” approximately “four to five times a week.”

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